*This* is secretly killing your creativity.

hard work leadership preparation winning tools Jan 31, 2024

Do you ever struggle with focus? I think one of the reasons that it is common for high-achievers to struggle with focus is because most of us are multi-passionate, creative people who are interested in a lot of things. It’s likely that you’ve had some really good ideas that have led to the success you’ve experienced up until this point, but how many not-so-good ones were in the mix, too? I’m right there with you. What I do know, however, is how important the relationship between focus and hard work is. Let’s discuss it.

When we commit to preparation, (last week's blog post - Committing to Preparationand we are ready to get to work, we have to give ourselves the best possible chance to achieve the outcome we’re after by focusing on the hard work in front of us. Earlier, we talked about being multi-passionate and creative. Focus is where we begin to experience the acceleration of our creativity. Here’s what I mean: when we do the opposite of hard work (laziness, make excuses, etc.), it kills our creativity. But, when we focus on the tasks that we know will move us toward our desired outcome, it creates acceleration and, eventually, momentum around our creative and strategic ideas. 

Something to think on this week: How can you accelerate your creativity through a commitment to focus this week?