How Have You Improved?

hard work winning tools Mar 13, 2024

I’ve got an important question for you today and it is one that I’m betting you haven’t asked yourself in awhile. 

How have you improved? Now, there are a couple of parts to this, so grab a pen and paper and take notes, because this is something you’ll want to come back to again and again. 

Let’s take a look at your life one year ago today. I want you to list 3 things that have gotten better. Are they personal? Professional? Related to relationships, finances, or maybe your personal performance in your work. Once you’ve written those things down, detail HOW each has improved. What did you do to get better in that area? 

I’ll go first: My clarity around our brand, The Winning Tools, has improved so much. Figuring out who we serve was really tough at first, but knowing that it is “a growth-minded leader who desires sustained success” has given me and my team the clarity we need to keep getting better at what we do. How did we do it? We’ve been working at this for three years now, but over the last several months, we have worked with brand specialists who helped us do this important work. Seeing our progress in this has brought our mission more clearly into focus, which is driving results we’ve been working toward! How exciting is that?! 

Sometimes, we move so quickly through life and we don’t slow down to acknowledge how we’ve improved and what we did to get there. I hope this quick exercise gives you energy and momentum into your week ahead and shows you how powerful your past progress is towards moving forward toward your next WIN! 

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