Honesty in Our Words

honesty leadership winning tools Dec 27, 2023

I hope you and your family had the merriest Christmas and a joyful holiday! Have you been able to put “honesty” in action yet? Let’s dig into the second way we use this principle: our words. We have to commit to making sure the words that we speak to ourselves and to others are 100% truthful. Negative self-talk is dishonest. Here’s an example. You could say, “I’m terrible at math. I’ll never be successful because I’m no good with numbers.” That’s negative self talk. Or, you could say, “I could really learn a lot if I apply myself to improving my skills with numbers. It may not come naturally to me or feel intuitive, but I know I can improve at this.” Isn’t that the truth? Isn’t it a fact that there’s room for you to learn and improve? This is what honesty with yourself looks like. The pathway to positivity begins with positive self-talk. Now, I’m not talking about sugarcoating. That is (most of the time) untruthful or an exaggeration, neither of which fit into the principle of honesty.  We’re talking about being honest with yourself about the possibilities of your situation. There is a solution in front of you for any challenge you face. But you won’t find it if you can’t be honest with yourself. More on honesty next week! 

Something to think on this week: How can you turn either negative self-talk or even exaggerated sugar-coating into the truth this week?