Honesty in Our Thoughts

honesty winning tools Dec 20, 2023

Let’s dive into Honesty. Honesty is the freedom from deceit and untruthfulness, and it creates the pathway to positivity. When we think about our pursuit of excellence and growth, we need a path to follow. We use this in four critical areas.

With The Winning Tools, we will be honest in our thoughts, in our words, in our effort, and in our actions. So let's dig into the first of these today: honesty in our thoughts

It is critical we think about being honest in our thoughts and we learn to tell ourselves the truth. There are millions of opportunities to tell ourselves less than the truth. Our thinking is so powerful. Because remember, our thoughts are leading us to the decisions that we make and our decisions become our actions, and our actions become our outcomes. 

When we think about honesty in our thoughts, this means we’re able to honestly analyze the facts of our situation. We want to make sure that our thoughts are centered on exactly the facts. Sometimes, we can be distracted by things that are not true or we tell ourselves stories that aren't true. We want to just simply deal with the facts. No matter what they are, if they’re favorable to us or not – as long as we know the truth, we can formulate a plan, solve a problem or handle any challenge that comes our way. We know it’s important to tell the truth and be honest with others, but the foundation of honesty is being able to be honest with ourselves.

Something to think on this week: What decision will come out of being honest in your thinking this week?