Honesty in Our Effort

effort honesty winning tools Jan 03, 2024

Let’s get into being honest in your effort. What is an honest effort? Are you giving an honest effort? That is you giving everything you have, and here's what's so important: you are the only person who will ever know if you're giving your best effort. I could coach a player for four years. She comes in as a freshman, leaves as a senior. We're literally in hundreds of practices together, and I can tell you whether she's having a great day, a good day, less than average day, or, if her practice really, really lacked that day. As her coach, I could tell you that and grade her effort. But she was the only one to know whether she had given everything she could on that particular day, even on those days where I may praise her effort, she was the only person who knew deep down inside whether she gave everything she could. 

This is something we can learn to do and we can learn to give our very best effort. Here’s another story. I was in a workout on vacation a few years ago and I decided to run up a long flight of stairs several times as part of some cardio training. I decided that I would make 8 trips up and back down. I was thinking about my effort that day and at the end of the last trip, I asked myself if I had a few more left in me. Using the principle of honesty and this idea of giving an honest effort, I knew that I could do more than 8. I ended my workout that day feeling accomplished and knowing I had given it all I had. 

You know what else comes with giving an honest effort? A deeply gratifying internal reward. A coach or boss can praise your effort all day long, but when you walk away knowing that you gave something your all, it feels really good. I want you to take note of the next time you give an honest effort and notice how gratifying that is! 

Something to think on this week: In what way will you give everything you’ve got this week?