Honesty in Our Actions

actions honesty leadership winning tools Jan 10, 2024

Finally, let’s talk about honesty in our actions. When I'm honest with my actions, I commit to act with integrity no matter what the benefit or consequence may be. I do the right thing because I'm committed to honest actions. Making the decision to be honest with your actions and acting with integrity is going to pay off in big ways for the rest of your life. Early on, we said that the journey to adopting The Winning Tools as an operating system was simple, but that it certainly isn’t easy. Do you see what I mean? Sometimes, it’s far harder to make an honest decision. I think about the age-old dilemma of returning the grocery cart (where I come from, we call these “a buggy”, what about you?). Integrity is going to return the cart each time, but isn’t that often the harder thing to do? It’s easier (and maybe a bit quicker) to just shove it in a spot that’s more convenient and near your vehicle, but we all know that the honest choice is to return the cart to the correct place. 

All four of these components of honesty are so important and critical to our success as leaders. This principle is the baseline for all of our thinking. It is the bedrock principle in our Winning Tools toolbox. Without it, we can't get started. Honesty is truly our pathway to positivity, and the key that unlocks the rest of the system. I am excited to continue on this journey with you as your skills in leadership strengthen and grow! 

Something to think on this week: What honest choice can you make in the week ahead of you?