The Daily Decision Drill

courage discipline honesty leadership winning tools Dec 05, 2023

Hey There! Welcome to The Winning Tools Blog! I'm fired up to meet you here each and every Wednesday to use my experience over a 25 year coaching career to help you grow as a leader.

I know how many decisions you're faced with every day as a leader. Every single day, we are up against all that the day brings our way. Some decisions are expected, others aren't. In order to meet every moment with courage, you need a system to make principled decisions that are going to reinforce your strength and resolve in leadership.

There are 3 questions you can filter all of your daily decisions through. These questions come from the pillars of The Winning Tools: honesty, hard work and discipline. They will guide you in making championship-level decisions each and every day! 

First, we have to be honest with ourselves in all of our decision-making. Telling ourself the truth about the consequences of each decision is crucial to our success. 

Next, we can't waver because of our circumstances. We call this "holding form", even when the ground might feel shaky. The truth? This is often times hard workAs a leader, I know you know what I'm talking about here!

Finally, we have to honor our commitments in all of our decisions. The discipline to see a decision through is something that every growth-minded leader must have in order to move their team and organization forward. 

I've created a tool for you to make championship-level decisions. You can keep it handy on your phone or your desk, but either way, I'm confident that this will help you grow as a leader! That's what you're here for, right? Download the Daily Decision Drill HERE

See you next week!